"Like Portishead's Beth Gibbons, Heidelberg dishes out dark-hued affairs of the heart with stinging, deadpan poise" 

The Quietus (LINK)



"Spectacular vocals" 

BBC Radio 3, Late Junction



"Heidelberg is a fine vocalist: aggressive one moment, tender the next...attitude in spades, a Slits for the new jazz age." 

Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz ****1/2 (LINK)



"Special mention to the support act, the intriguing Anglo-Colombian duo Bitch ’n’ Monk. Mauricio Velasierra plays assorted flutes, Heidi Heidelberg plays guitar, sings and beatboxes, while the two transform their sound into junkyard electronica through the ingenious use of looping pedals. You’ll spend a while pondering how to classify them – prog folk? Operatic post-punk? Gothic reggae? – but they know how to write melodies."

The Guardian (LINK)



...Heidelberg’s quasi-operatic vocals are entrancing, and her control of volume and tone, especially at the delicate end of her range, is breathtaking. The echoes span John Lydon to Thomas Adès." 

The Arts Desk ***** (LINK)



"The magnetic Heidelberg's wholly improvised passages oscillating between operatic high-wire and Beckett-esque darkness of the soul...Extremes in dynamics embraced, at one end, tip-toeing rustlings, where bass and drums were felt rather than heard, and, at the other end, explosive collective outbursts of punkish energy. In between, there were moments of choral-like synergy, free-jazz rumblings, passages of curiously rhythmic abstraction and, in turn, of gentle lyricism."

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz (LINK)

(on Match & Fuse, Dublin)



"A typical British girl with a Fender and a loop station. Sounded a bit like folk music and like Kate Bush and like the folky stuff by Sinead O Connor. And I heard this live at the Jazzdag at North Sea Round town there are 'show cases' and this was the English submission. And I was totally blown off my socks."

NPO Vrije Geluiden



"Heidi’s soaring, sometimes predatory vocals combined with her alluring beatboxing come together to mark a singer that isn’t afraid to express herself on this record...one of the most diverse and exciting acts to come out of the UK’s experimental scene in recent years.”

Tina Edwards



"The flawless high sounds of Heidelberg (who also plays the guitar, by the way) are enrapturing, but she also impresses with fast vocalese lines that are doubled with the piano."

Jazzism Magazine (LINK)



"The British Heidi Heidelberg - her stage name; she has German ancestors - does the vocals for the leading parts. She makes a big impression on me. All possible genres and styles pass by and she changes them effortlessly, even from one moment to the next. From scatting to quasi Broadway tunes. From breathtakingly beautiful melodies reminiscent of British folk or Henry Purcell to moments when you think you're listening to Within Temptation. And much more. It all flows seamlessly into each other. Heidelberg has a great command of the registers, beautiful English diction and is very expressive."

Ugenda (LINK)